Rules for Using Videochat

Welcome to CamOnGirls video chat!

The images shown in the public video chat are live and visible to all users, for this reason it is forbidden to perform nude in the public chat.

The registration as a Camgirl is exclusively for women, who can perform alone or with a partner. In the second case it is necessary to register the partner (providing ID and other documents). Once the form is filled and sent, CamOnGirls staff will review it. If it is accepted, it will be possible to start performing with the partner. A man himself cannot perform alone.

Reminder: You are responsible for the images shown in the video chat , for security reasons all IP’s addresses will be saved.

Rules of language behavior in the video chat

  • It is forbidden to perform nude in the public video chat;
  • It is forbidden to use vulgar, obscene or rude language;
  • Blasphemies are not allowed;
  • Offenses of any type, discussions with camgirls, users, staff of CamOnGirls or third parties are forbidden;
  • Aggressive attitudes that encourages violence or discussions are forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to choose an offensive, racist or vulgar nickname.

Rules of behavior in video chat

  • It is forbidden to collapse the chat by sending repetitive or large messages or white lines;
  • SPAM is forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to use the webcam without broadcasting or leaving it ON without being there. If you need to leave for a long period of time we kindly ask you to turn OFF the broadcast; if it is only for a few minutes there is no problem;
  • It is forbidden to share information such as phone numbers, e-mails, web pages, social media profiles, personal information…;
  • It is forbidden under any circumstance to ask for cash payments or recharges outside the payment system of CamOnGirls. The only payment method accepted on our site is our credits;
  • Prostitution is forbidden, as for encouraging it or proposing any activity of the type;
  • It is forbidden to advertise web sites or activities, invite users to other websites or offer any type of service;
  • It’s allowed to show vibrators or sexual toys in public video chat, but their use is prohibited. On private video chat the use of these toys is allowed;
  • The access to public and private video chat is personal. It is allowed only for registered users of CamOnGirls and authorized partner;
  • Obscene behaviors are forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to have more than one user;
  • It is forbidden to add pictures, videos or personal information of third parties (Crime punishable by the law);
  • It is obligatory to enter the correct payment information, to receive it correctly. In the contrary, the payout will not be successful.

In case of doubt, discussion or any problem you can contact our client support.


  • In case of violation of any rule, the camgirl can be banned either temporally or permanently depending on the significance of it. The case will be evaluated by our staff of CamOnGirls;
  • Permanent expulsion will be made without prior notice;
  • If you witness pedophile or racists acts, prostitution or incitement to it, or other improper acts; you are obligated to communicate it to our staff of CamOnGirls.
  • You are obligated to communicate to CamOnGirls staff if you suspect of any kind of fraud. For example: User with too many credits, who recharge constantly, or any other unusual behavior. We remind you are responsible for the sales made through your account.